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The 2 characters to rule everything and they are the Gingus Khan of middle earth

Rulecraft is a fanfiction series & story created by the youtuber Nuclear Hurricane of Arda In tribute to christopher tolkien and JRR tolkien mostly but christopher who died so soon today 1/16/20 fanfiction made by NH aka Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer. What if Sauron was actually the good guy instead of the bad one what would happen? Nuclear Hurricane is a RPG human character with the powers of the gods Sauron eventually marries Nuclear Hurricane aka Gaia Marethiah the daughter of zeus & athena great granddaughter of Kronos & Rhea great great granddaughter of Gia & Ouranos NH is a romanian titan that dominated the world with sauron. She has 4 children Cauron who is deceased Anubis, Drakken & Etherien They also inhereit 1 power from both of their parents. Anubis has 2 children Adian & Alexar. Adian has 1 child Naben. Drakken has 4 children James,Valkyrie,Casparius & Julianah Etherien has 5 children Velevita, Juargumandaur,princess sparklefly and Orwinthengul. Followed by the 2nd generation of their family prince Star sky,Ruby wing,Dargon and Prince Amarienel. Followed by the 3rd generation in saurons bloodline Jasmine Saphira & Dragena,Michelle Velkan,Saphire Svartelhiem. The 4th generation is Bella sea,Windigo,Fenris,Helar,Odin,Loki and thor.

The ruleverse began with a explosion that expanded gas matter space and time planets stars galaxies and life. The source you would call the big bang. A timeline of planetary and Godly chaos shaped to the present day in rulecraft which is sauron & NH's timeline. The Ruleverse is eternal and consumes other universes to be a part of it. followed by the 1st God Ouranos father of God then eru iluvatar who created the other worlds the 3 first generation worlds is the middle earth the greek earth the mortal earth. Before Ouranos was a space conscience named Mortalis who created these others from the existing matter around mortalis.

The Main Rulecraft Characters

The Main Rulecraft Characters
Gorthuar sauron frost
Nuclear Hurricane of arda
Bandicam 202
Zeus NH's Father
Bandicam 2019-04-26 19-55-24-399
Athena NH's Mother
Bandicam 2019-10-11 23-09-00-922
Drakken (son)
Bandicam 188
Anubis (Daughter)
Bandicam 182
Etherien Gilrio (Eldest Daughter)
Bandicam 2019-02-18 16-29-27-970
Jonathan (Quest Giver)
Bandicam 2019-04-26 19-52-08-076


The Ruleverse Family Tree

The First Generation The Titans The 2nd Generation The Gods The 3rd Generation Demi Gods 4th Generation Mortals
Gaia The Greek Godess of the earth
Bandicam 2019-03-23 22-03-35-423
Bandicam 2019-04-26 19-55-32-820
Gorthuar sauron frost
Bandicam 182
Ouranos The Greek God of the sky (Uranus)
Bandicam 2019-04-26 19-55-55-615
Bandicam 2019-10-11 23-09-00-922
Nuclear Hurricane
Bandicam 202
Bandicam 188
Kronos (Zeus Father)
Bandicam 2019-03-23 22-08-09-894
Neptune Posiedon
Bandicam 2019-03-23 22-07-04-732
Bandicam 195
Etherien Gilrio
Bandicam 216
Rhea (Zeus Mother)
Bandicam 2019-03-26 07-50-21-059
Eru Iluvatar
Bandicam 2019-04-13 09-50-35-187
Bandicam 2019-04-26 19-52-08-076
Velkan silivia
Bandicam 229
Aether Titan of fire
Bandicam 2019-11-18 07-31-32-554
Bandicam 2019-04-13 09-49-46-029
Bandicam 2019-11-17 22-14-36-019
Dark Lord
Ice Titan Saturn
Bandicam 2019-03-23 22-05-05-966
Bandicam 228
Bandicam 235
Bandicam 2019-04-08 08-23-49-879
Bandicam 2019-03-26 07-51-19-515
Bandicam 224
El Matador Del mar
Windigo Gamer
Bandicam 231
Bandicam 2019-06-26 20-08-10-973
The 5th Generation Mellinials of Rulecraft Decendants of the 4th
Bandicam 2019-11-07 13-24-14-559
Bandicam 226
Bandicam 194
carspicuars kriekan
Dragena Gemstone Reference image original poster is unkown
dragena gemstone
The devil reference image
Cauron Reference image
Bandicam 236
Bandicam 2019-10-10 16-01-20-889
princess alexa
Bandicam 2019-03-26 07-53-43-200
spririt sparklefly
Princess Sparklefly reference
Reference image credits to original artist
20191012 170834(1)
Velevita Silivia
Bandicam 2019-03-26 07-53-30-456
Reference image
Bandicam 2019-02-15 07-32-27-384
6th Generation Tired will update soon
Avena Umbral
79602233 493332681306532 1929732555119617341 n
Archangel micheal
Rc 213
Orion the dragon
Lunars wrath by nuclear4hurricane ddm6gbh-pre
The Jhin tribes
79162402 175112003563176 5782602516819823186 n
7th generation of nuclear hurricane and saurons grandchildren descendants
78918641 448516009167799 2402160000838051729 n
Gorthaur II
79815098 2169110680064623 2969483860655995327 n
Prince Lovie
44854047 229105937987655 8819042997925601116 n
Princess Miranda
74920838 965375923847513 259071021960591080 n
The 8th generation
Ruby Dragonath
80618996 2448225332084653 2636833911679396626 n
Prince Jhon
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-31-37-106
King Henry XIV
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-36-41-667
Celebrimor incarnate
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-36-56-257
9th generation of the bloodline of sauron and nuclear hurricane
Prince Nostfall
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-45-34-268
Prince Jargon
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-45-59-543
Prince Harmoth
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-37-08-146
Prince Darko
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-33-53-197
the 10th generation of the mordor family tree
Princess Anstrodomia
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-32-56-659
Princess Arstosh
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-34-54-498
Prince Hystra
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-36-10-329
Dargon Targyen
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-39-48-823
Lord Klein
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-41-59-074
Prince Darkstar
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-37-38-219
Prince Drakken II
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-40-34-214
Prince James II
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-35-21-691
Prince Moshurah
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-43-17-799
Prince Anubis
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-44-16-324
Prince Veltocron
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-42-32-034
Titanus Morgul
47693879 217168882564231 1250591816383549446 n
The 11th Generation sauron and NH bloodline
Melkor II
49913186 538083120036295 1588767898452812751 n
Princess Perseon
79137225 176043476785001 4450682110271561211 n
Prince Grond
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-33-03-131
Prince Aretha
Bandicam 2019-12-25 16-31-53-268


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The Ruleverse is a fanfictional universe involving a infinite number of beautiful things,history,Stories. The one Fanfiction that will shake your world.

if you do not have the rinbearer font enabled for google chrome i suggest you enable it now for badass results on this wikiThis fandom is a Fanfiction Creators Youtube Fandom Its seemingly interesting and i think you should check out every single page out there :) Nuclear Hurricane is a Fictional Character Created By the Youtuber Nuclear Hurricane Universal Entertainment RCU RCU stands for Ruleverse Cinematic Universe. Inspiration came from Tolkiens Lore,Stories As Well as Norse and Greek and all world mythologies mostly egyptian mythology. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some Content may not be subtitle to minors so Viewer Desc is Advised. I Highly Recommend that you Watch rulecraft & Take a look at my fanfiction to understand what ruleverse is Nuclear Hurricane Universal Entertainment RCU RCU is short for Ruleverse cinematic Universe Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer is a Youtuber Gamer/Vlogger/Livestreamer&More Nuclear Hurricane Minecraft Gamer is a Youtuber who uploads Minecraft Videos/Art/Pets & More She was Inspired by Popularmmos & DanTDM & Atlanticcraft & 10 other youtube gamers Live in New York

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This is the Nuclear Hurricane Universal Entertainment RCU rcu is short for Ruleverse Cinematic Universal Studios.
Gaming and lots of other videos & so much fun.
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The one character above and beyond all others!
Nonprofit channel means we do not make money off of the content we make that uses music like Lotr music in video games we support the owners by them monitoring my BFME2 Lotr videos.
I only wish to inspire not make $$$$ i make way to much on my job already.
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Black hand of saurons rise by Amoral demon on Diviant art
Sauron the dark prince
Sauron gorthaur mairon annatar by civilwar loki-d5wi1wb
The Mouth of Sauron
Ruleverset Season 16 Epic Trailler Sauron x Nuclear Hurricane dont mess with his wife

Ruleverset Season 16 Epic Trailler Sauron x Nuclear Hurricane dont mess with his wife

Battle for middle earth 2 edain mod part 40 Sauron takes over Dol Amroth & Lucerne

Battle for middle earth 2 edain mod part 40 Sauron takes over Dol Amroth & Lucerne

Battle for middle earth II edain mod part 42 Sauron takes over the grey havens

Battle for middle earth II edain mod part 42 Sauron takes over the grey havens

Battle For Middle Earth II Edain mod preparing Saurons army

Battle For Middle Earth II Edain mod preparing Saurons army

Mouth of sauron png cutout 2 by juansixx1961-dbqrfs9
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Bandicam 236
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Bandicam 2019-04-26 19-55-55-615
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Aleskulan Queen

Saurons Spirit Guardian

The Ultimate Lord

Lordress of Mordor

Queen of Orcs

Ruleverse God

Omega,Alpha Tolkien

Daughter of Zeus

Lordress of Orcs

First Female To roam middle earth

Saurons Wife

Saurons Queen

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Nuclear lord Hurricane of Arda

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The Ultimate Queen

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